pen, ink, whiteout on 9"x12" bristol board colored in photoshop.


"Repair the Future"

pen and ink on 9"x12" Bristol board with digital colors. 2015

Repair the Future


Blackbird Raum hoodie design

Bandcamp cover

Under the Starling Host LP cover for Blackbird Raum



An interpretation of the Devil tarot card. The boat is a metaphor if yr into that sort of thing.

The Spell (an interpretation of the Devil Tarot card)

This is the album cover for the band Strangeweather, of which I am a member. It was created collaboratively between myself and 2 other visual artists in the band. The geometry was hand drawn by our drummer, Dirt, and the photography/photo-collage was created by Singer/flautist/guitarist, Sarah, while I drew/colored the hooded figure and snakes. It was a very special project to collaborate visually on this album because all of our music is written collaboratively.

Strangeweather S/T LP cover collaboration

A Stick and A Stone

A Stick and A Stone album insert

This began as a much simpler illustration for a flyer years back. I always wanted to revisit the drawing and flesh out some of the detail, so 4 years after the fact I did, complete with a new coloring job in photoshop. As you may have guessed from the title, the bird is a metaphor for anarchism, a philosophy to which I ascribe.

The Anarchist


Hang the Old Year t-shirt 2

Hang the Old Year tshirt design

Hang the Old Year t-shirt design

The Tide ColorXXxx

Burials, The Tide album art


Hang the Old Year – The Tower


Carrion Spring – A Short History of Decay pt. 2


Carrion Spring – A Short History of Decay


Slow Teeth/Damn Family Flier


Slow Teeth Web Banner


Deep Down We’re All The Same


Burials T-shirt Design


Strangeweather Collective logo design

Cover illustration for the self titled LP from excellent Portland metal band, Burials. End Theory Records.

Burials LP Album Cover Illustration


Get it how you need it.


Big Black Cloud Die-cut Sticker/T-shirt design

Poster design for a benefit show to cover legal costs of 27 activists facing charges for obstructing logging of the Elliott State forest. They obstructed said logging by overturning a van in the access road. Badass.

Elliott Free State 27 Benefit Show


Red and Black Cafe Benefit Show Poster

Slow Teeth, Wooden Eyes Album Art

Slow Teeth, Wooden Eyes Album Art


Kylist Nihilist/Molotov Folktale Split Album Art

Fatality/Think Fast Split 7" Back Cover

Fatality/Think Fast Split 7″ back cover

Fatality/Think Fast split 7" cover

Fatality/Think Fast split 7″ Front


Suicidal Monkey Show Poster


Meconium/Black Hankies Flier


Lumber Lung Flier


Slow Teeth’s first show(s)